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When consulting with Mr. Randall Clark, it was very apparent that his focus is locked on his case.He is amazing... Mr. Randall Clark was courteous and always available to answer any questions personally. He presented himself with noticeable class and integrity. He made sure I was very comfortable talking about my boyfriend’s embarrassing situation and why he was not there. It was very unpleasant situations. While maintaining a professional/analytical level of expertise he manages to present himself in a very comforting and likable manner.

I also noticed on his Avow profile that he was not only the lawyer, but he worked as philosophy professor at varies university which I found a common interest that made me feel also very comfortable.He is very passionate about his job and most importantly he was much better than any lawyers who I worked in the past and charged me fortunes.

I can't stress enough how well he created a very comfortable environment to discuss uncomfortable matters at hand. As far as competency goes, Mr. Clark spoke intelligently and with a noticeably expansive level of expertise in his field. This is without a doubt a man who takes pride in his work and it shows. I really think he is a genius when it comes to find out what is really matter for the cases and how he will deliver it.

After our meeting I knew he was the person who could take care of our case. I was in very good hand. I am also hiring him as my family lawyer because I could not think of anybody who will do a better job. His work ethic exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney in NH and MA states.


Randall is a very personable, professional lawyer who offers a unique approach on a case by case basis. Highly recommended!


Randall has helped me on multiple cases, he is very helpful in explaining the entire process and I highly recommend him.