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Randall sure do have a good heart, he give me free legal advice services as I was having issues with my landlord, responded to my text, his positive advice saved me a lot of future stress from my landlord. You are highly recommended and thanks a lot Randall.

- Joyce O. 

This man is so honest. He’s going to give it to you straight.  He went out of his way to help me get through a very stressful and scary life decision. He was kind and so patient. 5 stars!

- Alexis K.

Attorney Randall Clark, was excellent. He possesses an incredible amount of patience, generosity, and helpfulness. Unlike many attorneys, Randall is not driven by money but rather by his extensive knowledge and down-to-earth nature. I have no doubt in my mind that I will recommend him to others and personally utilize his services in court if the need ever arises for a landlord attorney. Randall's heart is in the right place, as he provided me with free legal advice when I was facing issues with my HOA. He promptly responded to my voice message, and his positive advice saved me from a lot of future stress. I am grateful for his vast knowledge and experience. I highly recommend Randall Clark, attorney, and extend my heartfelt thanks to him.

- Amina

We were facing a foreclosure and not getting anywhere with our mortgage company. We contacted Randall just days before our house was going to be auctioned. He answered his phone at 8:30 at night. His calm demeanor and confidence in his abilities left us with little anxiety. From his work, we now have a sale date for our house and no longer fear losing our home. We highly recommend Randall Clark.

- Peter and Jackie 

Randall is the type of attorney who is not money hungry, but knowledgeable and intellectually down to earth. He's provided hours of advice that is unmatched. I will definitely recommend him and intend to use him in court if I ever needed a landlord attorney

- Brian 

Had a tenant /landlord problem that was extremely time sensitive. Randall setup a call with me, listened to my tale, walked through the options and helped me with an action plan. In & out in less than an hour. Good, sound advice. I didn't hire him this time (as he was so quick I didn't need to) but can recommend him highly and will absolutely use him in the future.

- Matt 

ATTENTION: SOME WORDS ARE WRITTEN IN CAPS TO EMPHASIZE MY GRATITUDE AND EMOTIONS DURING MY REVIEW.. In other words...its not an expression of ANGER :) My name is Joseph Andoh. I am a validation chemists for chemical instrument as well as a certified inventor. I was harassed by a guy who claimed that he was a lawyer looking to settle a debt for a Payday loan from 2013. I thought it was rather weird until this guy was threatening me with a potential subpoena to appear in court located in Florida. The 'fake' debt collector was asking for a payment via western union or money gram. I contacted Randall, after discovering him through an online website. Even though i was skeptical and expecting Randall talk to me about consultation costs, associated costs, etc before he could help me, Randall ACTUALLY took time, while he was driving, to listen to what i had to say. Randall ALSO gave me advice and his thoughts all in a 5 minute conversation. Randall was able to assure me that this guy was a 'FAKE' and that i did not need to worry about him. BUT RANDALL DID THE MOST AMAZING THING. HE OFFERED TO EMAIL THE 'FAKE' LAWYER ON MY BEHALF TO LET HIM HIM KNOW THAT A 'REAL' LAWYER , (Randall), IS ON THE CASE AND TO REFER ALL QUESTION TO HIM. That was something that i never experienced from a stranger, let a alone a lawyer. This showed me that Randall is very GENUINE and I had to let people know about his guy. ITS HARD TO FIND HONEST PEOPLE IN THIS PROFESSIONAL WORLD. GLAD TO SAY THAT RANDALL IS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT YOU SHOULD KEEP ON YOUR CONTACT LIST. HE IS A GOOD MAN!!

- Joseph A. 

I contacted numerous attorneys and none would take the kind of time that Mr Clark did. He was patient, informative and caring. He was very upfront and honest and offered many different solutions to my case. I would definitely recommend him, his knowledge is like no other!

- Kris 

Thank you for all your help and patience with my recent case. You handled every aspect of in a detailed and thoughtful manner, and the outcome of my case exceeded my expectations. You are a professional and very kind person, and you made a difficult time much easier and less stressful, which I greatly appreciate.

- Linda X. 

Mr. Clark represented me in small claims court as a defendant against a lawsuit from a credit card debt collector. Throughout the whole process Randall demonstrated a vast knowledge on consumer law. And kept me in the loop every step of the way. Randall was honest and very patient explaining my options and prospects. He was very caring and flexible in light of the particularly difficult circumstances of my case and personal situation. Thanks to Randall I was able to overcome this trying encumbrance on my path. I hope to never find myself in any kind of legal trouble again. Yet I know whom to go to should I need to again.

- Juliana R. 

Randall consulted with me on a situation that involved foreclosure auction in MA. He was able to outline a few possible strategies to move forward on, however in this wasn't a scenario I was able to act on. I would use his services in the future.

- Elizabeth 

When consulting with Mr. Randall Clark, it was very apparent that his focus is locked on his case. He is amazing... Mr. Randall Clark was courteous and always available to answer any questions personally. He presented himself with noticeable class and integrity. He made sure I was very comfortable talking about my boyfriend’s embarrassing situation and why he was not there. It was very unpleasant situations. While maintaining a professional/analytical level of expertise he manages to present himself in a very comforting and likable manner.

I also noticed on his Avow profile that he was not only the lawyer, but he worked as philosophy professor at varies university which I found a common interest that made me feel also very comfortable. He is very passionate about his job and most importantly he was much better than any lawyers who I worked in the past and charged me fortunes.

I can't stress enough how well he created a very comfortable environment to discuss uncomfortable matters at hand. As far as competency goes, Mr. Clark spoke intelligently and with a noticeably expansive level of expertise in his field. This is without a doubt a man who takes pride in his work and it shows. I really think he is a genius when it comes to find out what is really matter for the cases and how he will deliver it.

After our meeting I knew he was the person who could take care of our case. I was in very good hand. I am also hiring him as my family lawyer because I could not think of anybody who will do a better job. His work ethic exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney in NH and MA states.

- Azra L.

Randall straightened out the entire situation with an outcome better than I could imagine within 24 hours!

- Rich D.

Attorney Randall Clark is an exceptional attorney. Not only extremely knowledgeable in his field but has a caring human side. He thoroughly handled and completed a very difficult, personal and emotional problem with joint tenancy for me.  It was a very arduous and emotionally painful situation for me and he was understanding yet very tenacious in settling this for me.  He was always there and very prompt in answering any questions and stayed right on top of every court action from start to finish. I felt comfortable throughout the process with Attorney Randall. He is an expert in his field and I would highly recommend him to anyone that has a real estate legal issue or other issue in his field of legal expertise. A plus.

- Karen M.

I had to take the time to write this review because of the amazing representation that Attorney Randall Clark provided me. I hired Randall to evict a squatter. From the moment he took my case, he was already drawing up the paperwork and submitting it to the courts. Though the squatter dragged out the process, Randall was already proactive and ready to counter with the more motions and demands. In the end, the squatter ended up be forced out via the Sherrif's department. If you want an attorney who knows the law and truly cares about his clients, you need to hire Randall. Trust me, you're in great hands having him on your side fighting for you!

-  Eric D.

In November 2023, I received a letter from the New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NHDOC) demanding payment for $13,726.65 in restitution for a 1992 felony case (No. 218-1992-CR-02322) that I knew nothing about. The convict and I have the same first and last names. I asked the NHDOC for information and sent documents showing that I was not the convict who got away. In return, they provided almost no information concerning the case, let alone why they targeted me. In March 2024, the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office sent a letter to my home stating that there was an arrest warrant out for the convict. That day, I called Randall B. Clarke, Attorney at Law. We agreed on expectations and signed the contract the next day. Randall filed motions in two weeks. Six working days later, the Superior Court issued an Order stating, “Accepting all of the facts in the State’s response as true, it is abundantly clear that the State and DOC lack probable cause to believe that the Intervenor and the defendant are the same person,” and “the State and DOC cannot use other coercive means of collection against the Intervenor. They cannot, for example, seek a judicial attachment, or a charging order, place a lien on his property, or refer the matter to a collection agency. They cannot threaten the plaintiff with arrest.” The Court Order permits the State to continue “its investigation in a manner that does not infringe on the Intervenor’s Fourth Amendment or Article 19 rights” and summarized it with, “In short, the Intervenor is not required to prove the State wrong. Rather the State is required to prove that the Intervenor is not who he says he is. The intervenor need not lift a finger to help the State out and he cannot be legally molested for failing to do so.”

 In less than three weeks, Randall re-established my rights as a United States citizen. In addition, he sent me the documentation that I asked for from the NHDOC, and voluntarily capped the final bill at the estimate. What more could one ask for?

- Steve W. 

Randall came through and was able to streamline a difficult process rather effortlessly, although what Randall accomplished was no small feat, it turned out to be a huge victory. Randall is very responsive and makes things happen, so rest assured this is a very competent attorney who can get the tasks completed within a timely fashion. I trust the decisions Randall Clark makes and the procedures that he follows. His fee is fair and he earns every dime for which the invoice reflects. I recommend and trust this attorney for the services that he can offer. Thank You for your assistance Randall, I truly appreciate it, you really made a difference in what needed to happen.

- Tim L.

 Randall Clark is the attorney everyone needs in their corner. For us, we were never returned a security deposit from our landlord at the time. Randall came highly recommended and I reached out to him as soon as I got his contact info.

From the start, he made us feel like a priority and that our case mattered. He was thorough, professional, and fierce during negotiations with the landlord. He. Does. Not. Back. Down.

We walked out of it with more than we expected, and I truly believe this case may not have went as well if we did not hire Mr. Clark. I cannot recommend Randall enough. These few 1 star reviews seem fruitless and seem to lack vital information.

If you need an attorney you can trust and that will fight for you, do not hesitate to reach out to Randall. You can thank me later.

- Shane H.

 When I found out that I was being sued because of unpaid credit card debt, I was terrified and beyond stressed. That’s when I reached out to Randall. From the very first phone call with him, his professionalism, calm nature and reassurance put my worry and fears away.  Throughout the process he kept me informed every step of the way. His confidence that my case was not something I should fear gave me great peace of mind.  He guided me with patience and kindness through negotiations which ultimately lead to my debt being erased!  I cannot express how grateful I am that Randall Clark was my attorney through these proceedings. If you find yourself in a legal situation causing stress and Randall. He is not only an amazing lawyer, he is also a great person.

- Amy Lynn P. 

Randall assisted me in dealing with creditors who went after me after financial hardship following illness. He was extremely knowledgeable about how to deal with this, let me know exactly what to expect and was very kind. He took a very stressful situation and guided me through it to the point where I didn’t have to worry. Randall helped guide me to a more favorable outcome with the creditors and I felt like my case was handled expertly the whole time. I would absolutely recommend him.

- Jennifer Michelle H. 

My Landlord intended to sell the property I was renting, and terminated our lease early. Randall was a huge help. He was able to answer all my questions about the lease agreement, NH landlord/tenant rights law, and how they all applied to my particular situation. I left our call knowing all of my options, and I have confidence that Randall will go to bat for me if I need support.

- Daniel R.

Attorney Clark went over and above the ordinary service I had recently experienced with other local attorneys.  He took a lot of time to evaluate my situation and provide me with much appreciated advice. All of this time was given even though he knew I would not become a paying client. My circumstances were difficult and he was the only one to explain and help me understand what the banks and courts were trying to do.  In the future I would only call Attorney Clark as he went beyond regular to assist me. Thank You ATTORNEY Clark.

- Jill G. 

Randall Clark is very knowledgeable and efficient and makes you feel at ease.  He made the process painless and he is very patient.   We worked together as a team to get this done quickly.  I would recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer.

- Audrey F.

Attorney Clark helped my husband obtain compensation for medical bills that occurred when he was the victim of an assault. We are grateful for his knowledge of the legal system and persistence. We would recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance!

- Jackie G.