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Debt-Collection Defense Attorney in N.H. and Massachusetts

Comprehensive Debt-Management Advice

Soon after I began my private practice in earnest, I was approached by a debt-consolidation company. Its problem was that some of its clients in New Hampshire and Massachusetts were being sued by their creditors (mostly charge cards) in these states’ courts. I contracted with this company and soon was handling hundreds of these cases. The ordinary result of these cases was a negotiated settlement, allow the debtor to pay off his debt at a discount over time. This practice grew exponentially, as other companies beat a path to my door.

What I discovered with this practice is that these companies generally did a poor job providing their clients with panoptic financial advice. So I undertook to bring my knowledge of bankruptcy and housing law to them. My typical consultation now asks my prospective client not just how to deal with collection suit at hand, but how to move forward on a path to financial recover.