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Personal Bankruptcy in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Personal Bankruptcy

Deciding to file for bankruptcy cannot be an easy decision. Almost as hard is filing the papers. Though many websites tell you that you can do it yourself, filing solo is nearly impossible. If you choose to file, you also need to choose a lawyer to help you. Welcome to Catch 22: If you had money to hire a lawyer, you wouldn’t have to file for bankruptcy.

I am excruciatingly aware of this fact and have as a goal to help my clients file for bankruptcy for as little money as possible. Please call me so that we can talk about how we can do this.

Be aware, however, that, before I decide to help you with a bankruptcy filing, I will ask you a lot of questions about your finances and the various options in front of you. Financial distress is common and there are many tools for dealing with it. A bankruptcy filing is not necessarily the best one. There might be other things that you can do to get a handle on your finances. Let me help you explore your options.

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