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Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Attorney in Nashua, NH

Randall B Clark Attorney

Randall B. Clark

Attorney at Law

Since obtaining my law degree, I have had a legal career with a number of interesting opportunities. I clerked for a prominent federal appeals-court judge, practiced in law firms (big and small), and taught both law students and undergraduates. While my career path hasn’t been traditional, these varied experiences have shaped me into the compassionate and dedicated attorney that I am today. I understand what it's like to face and overcome adversity, and want to help you do the same. Regardless of what brings you to my law firm, I'm committed to helping you face your challenges head-on. Together, we can find the right solution to meet your needs.


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Facing foreclosure can be stressful and overwhelming, making it difficult for you to think clearly on how to address the issue. Attempting to take on this legal battle alone can make it difficult to achieve your ultimate goal — to stay in your home. By choosing to work with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney, you have a much greater chance of reaching a successful outcome.

Since founding my law firm, I have provided homeowners throughout New Hampshire with a strong defense for their foreclosure cases. With my knowledge and experience on your side, you'll gain a dedicated advocate who is prepared to help you through your difficult time.

There are many different reasons that can lead good people to tough situations, such as foreclosure. While lenders may not give much regard to your specific circumstances, I'll take the time to learn your side of the story and help you understand your rights. Together, we can establish a legal strategy to fight for those rights against an unforgiving lender.

Don't risk the success of your case by going it alone. Foreclosure law is often complex, but I can confidently navigate your case and offer strong representation in your defense. If you're facing foreclosure in Nashua, NH, don't wait to reach out for the legal assistance you need. Contact me today!

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Whether you're currently fighting foreclosure, seeking help understanding if bankruptcy is right for you, or having trouble collecting debts you're owed, you deserve experienced legal assistance. As a seasoned foreclosure and bankruptcy law attorney, I have specialized knowledge and skills that can make a difference for you.

Don't just work with any attorney who is "qualified" — put your trust in someone who focuses on these specific and complex areas of law. I work with individuals and families across all of Southern New Hampshire to help them understand their rights and guide them towards the best solutions for their unique needs. Regardless of what brings you to my firm, I've got your back.

You may be feeling a lot of stress, anxiety, or pressure over your legal matter, but I'm here to help alleviate those pains. My experience varies from landlord and tenant disputes to foreclosure defense and bankruptcy filing. No matter what services you need, I take the utmost care in handling your needs with efficiency and urgency to help you move forward.

I have a deep understanding and empathy for those who find themselves dealing with an unexpected legal issue. I'm proud to offer high-quality legal counsel and representation to good people going through tough situations. Don't wait to reach out for the legal guidance and support you need. Contact my Nashua-based law firm today to schedule a free consultation.