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Foreclosure Law Attorney in Nashua, New Hampshire

Foreclosure Defense

It is said that a man’s home is his castle. I understand this sentiment well: In 2003 my wife and I bought a centuries-old farmhouse in Hollis, New Hampshire, a lovely town where we have reared our three sons. As charming as this plain white Cape is, owning this home has presented us with challenges. The most obvious one is caring for it. When a house is 200 years old, things have a tendency to break. I’m now very good at fixing things. The other is paying for it.

We bought the house when the housing market was red-hot and my income great; we carried it, at great financial cost, through the dark days of the Great Recession, when its value was as low as my income. (The collapse of the legal market was huge.) Through all this, my wife and I hammered, sanded, wired, landscaped, painted, and, most important, paid — every month. So I understand well the anxiety a homeowner feels when told that the bank will foreclose on his home.

The aim of my legal practice is to help you resist the bank’s attempt to force you from your home. Using the tools of the law and my research and negotiating skills, I will do my best to help you stay in your home. I have done it for other homeowners and can do it for you.

I also recognize that this goal is sometimes impractical, for a variety of reasons. If leaving your home is necessary, I can nonetheless help you depart on your own schedule. Sometimes this involves a bankruptcy filing; sometimes just some hard-nosed negotiating. I’m very good at getting agreeable results for my clients.

If this is where you find yourself, please give me a call. Give me a chance to help you.

Fight For Your Rights

Foreclosure Attorney in Nashua, NH

Nothing provokes anxiety and uncertainty about the future like a pending foreclosure on your home, but Randall B. Clark is here to help. Today’s home loans are sold off in bundles from lender to lender, and all too often, soon after the monthly payments stop coming in, lenders turn to law firms to assist with foreclosure proceedings and they express little regard for the homeowners. We are foreclosure defense lawyers in Nashua, NH who are on your side. As a homeowner, you have rights. Consult with us and learn more about your options.

For years, we’ve distinguished ourselves as dedicated advocates for homeowners who are going through difficult times. There are many valid reasons why homeowners routinely lose the ability to fully pay their monthly mortgage fees. Whatever your case may be, we’ll help you stand up against the lender and find the solution that’s best for you.

A Law Firm Specializing in Foreclosure Prevention

As your committed foreclosure defense lawyers, we thoroughly review your case. We find any defenses that may owe to the lender’s practices and we recommend the courses of action that would best benefit you. Our law firm remembers that you are a person, and not simply a loan number or a delinquent payment. Schedule an appointment at our office if:

  • Your Mortgage Payments Are Past Due

  • Your Monthly Payment Is Too High

  • You Risk Losing Your House

  • You Owe More on Your Loan than Your House Is Worth

  • Your Lender Has Issued a Notice of Foreclosure

  • Your Lender Is Not Properly Processing Your Modification Request

  • The Court Has Served You Papers

  • You Cannot Get Clear Answers from Your Lender

Contact us right away if your home loan is in default. We represent clients in Nashua, NH.