My Story

Since graduating from law school in 2002, I have had the good fortune of working many wonderful jobs. I clerked for a prominent federal appeals-court judge, I practiced in law firms (big and small), always doing interesting work, and I taught students in law schools and colleges.

This work has taken me from my home in New Hampshire, commuting up and down the eastern seaboard: Florida (1yr), Virginia (2yrs), Massachusetts (4yrs), and New York (5yrs). Most recently, when traveling to New York City, I drove there at least once a week, often two, to teach philosophy to undergraduates at St. John’s University and be back to take my sons to Boy Scouts on Tuesday evenings.

I won’t say that I have become old and tired, but I am needed at home more than I have been. Principally, I help care for a son with cerebral palsy (he and I are in the picture on this page, atop Mt. Shannon in the Griswold Scout Reservation in New Hampshire’s Lake Country). But I also spend time developing my skills as a poultry breeder, orchardist, and carpenter.  (If you want to see some of the beautiful chickens I breed, visit Appleworm Orchard.)  And I have also been able to spend more time getting involved in the events and activities of my hometown, Hollis, N.H., and in New Hampshire state politics.